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Press & Media Coverage

Press & Media Coverage

As a High Performance Trainer, our transformative coaching services are tailored to empower you in recognizing and surpassing obstacles, enabling you to actualize the life you've long aspired to achieve.

The first step starts with you

Some of our initiatives to help you transform

High Performance Leadership Mind Training Level 1
High Performance Leadership Mind Training Level 2
Letting Go Mind Traning Level 3
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+ Organizations

I’ve extensively worked with 40+ organizations over the last 5 years in their efforts of human capacity development.

+ Participants

I successfully trained over 15,000 participants, transforming their lives and careers for the better.

About CKH

Before discovering his true calling, Coach Kamrul Hasan has had a wide berth of corporate experience of 20+ years, with a focus on Business Development and Relationship Management. He had the opportunity of honing and demonstrating his skills with well-known multinational corporations such as Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation (HSBC), Ericsson, ZTE Technologies, Huawei, and BRAC Bank.

One of his remarkable accomplishments was receiving the “Chairman’s Excellence Award” from world-renowned humanitarian Sir Fazle Hasan Abed. He was presented with this honor for initiating a humanitarian project in collaboration with the British retailer Primark to interview and compensate 3800 victims of the RANA Plaza tragedy in Bangladesh.

My Corporate Career

Corporate Programs

Programs deigned to improve efficiency and create High-Performance Teams


Sales Success Blueprint

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Team Leadership
service 1
Self Leadership
service 1
Life Coaching

Flourishing Certification Program

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Public Speaking Program

Elevate EST

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Goal Achieving Program

Find your Path Program

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Stress Management

Our Clients

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The High Achiever's Podcast

A podcast with professionals

“Lifeforce” is a dynamic podcast where accomplished professionals delve into the realms of career, life, and the pursuit of excellence.

Each episode explores the strategies, insights, and personal stories that empower listeners to unlock their full potential and become high achievers.

High-Performance Toolkit

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us